Dear Jim,

On behalf of the church congregation of Monticello First Baptist Church and Pastor
Chris Gray, the design & construction team and myself, we want to thank you, Jonathan
and John-Mark for the outstanding work that was provided to our church facility during
our renovation project.

We had a very thankful congregation and a packed sanctuary during our dedication
service held on Sunday July 20”‘. Your expertise has given and upgrade to our church that
would not have been possible otherwise, and the final results were wonderfully received
by all. it was a pleasure working with you in achieving what we feel was the best possible
selection of audio, video and lighting for our church facility.

Vanessa and I would also like to personally thank Jonathan and John-Mark for their
exceptional professionalism and friendship during the installation. Their compassion for
detail was evident in every aspect of their knowledge and skill. Please forward our
appreciation to them for their outstanding work.

Enclosed is a photo of the finished sanctuary, which you may use in any future
advertising. We are proud to have selected “JCA Media” for this major project and we look
forward to working with you in the future for any additional electronic needs.

Jim, thanks again and may God bless you and your company.

David Swinson
Renovation Project Manager
First Baptist Church – Monticello, KY